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Allergy Injections
An effective and safe treatment for those who suffer from a wide range of allergic diseases.

Allergy Injections

Shoreline Allergy and Asthma Associates offers allergy shots to the general Connecticut and Rhode Island patient base.  Our allergy specialists are at the forefront of managing patients with allergies and accompanying symptoms.

What is Immunotherapy

Allergy shots are a type of therapy that can help you develop a tolerance to substances like pollen, dust, animal dander and many other allergens.  Correctly administered injections of immunotherapy gradually decrease your sensitivity, but improvement doesn’t appear till after a few weeks or months. But once you continue to have injections for months, the treatment will lead to further improvement.

With immunotherapy, many people with allergies can live a more complete life and spend less time in fear of reactions to triggers.  Over time sensitivities to allergens will go down and your bodies reactions will become less and less severe.  

How Long Are Allergy Shots Given?

Allergy injections are initially given weekly over a 5-7 month period, although sometimes they may be administered quicker with a more frequent or accelerated dosages.  Our allergist will determine the best course of immunotherapy for you.

Once you are at your optimal-level dose, you will gradually reduce the injection frequency to every 2 weeks, then every 3 weeks and finally monthly.  After reaching a minimum of three years of good results, you may have an option of discontinuing your allergy injections provided that your body can handle allergens well on its own. 


The health and safety of our staff and our patients is our number one priority.

All injection patients are required to wait for 30 minutes following their injections. 


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